My Linux (Ubuntu) help collections and settings

Christian E. Salas Eljatib
Ph.D. Candidate in Biometrics, Yale University.

What?, Why?
These are my collections of syntax and settings that I have been found very useful for working in my Linux-Ubuntu system (In case that you do not know, Ubuntu is a Linux distribution). I know some of them are not so elegant, nevertheless, they worked for me. Please, notice that I am not an advancer user, and I started this document like three years ago, therefore there are some things that maybe silly now, although they were not at the beginning.

I aim to help other Linux users when they need to solve their own problems with their Linux configuration.

I work on biometrics, that is applied statistics to natural resources and ecological problems, then my settings explained here are related to the programs and tasks that I often have to deal with.

Please, do not hesitate to email me for pointing out errors in these notes or offering better solutions.

It is important to point out that my intention is not to produce a fancy website or a rather advanced blog, but only a straightforward website.

You will found several sections on this website, and the syntax to be typed in the terminal of your Linux system is framed in a rectangular box in red fonts, like this

\textcolor{red}{\bf here is the syntax}

Notice that I have compiled this same website in a .pdf document as well.

Last updated: October 14, 2010

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