Running Windows XP within Ubuntu

Core setting

Several options for doing this, but I use VirtualBox, which you can install it for free.

You have a virtual machine (VM) with the name ``winXPinUbuntu''
You have a folder in your homedir (let's say /home/christian/) called ``myVirtualMachine''

i. Install Guess additions
Open VirtualBox, go to menu, devices, install guess additions. This will help to share the mouse between ubuntu and the VM without pressing the ``hot'' key of the VM.

ii. Sharing folders between the virtual machine (winXP) and ubuntu
a. Power off the VM (make sure the VM is properly shut down, powered off, do not save the machine state, o bien file and then exit in VirtualBox), go to shared folders, and select the folder in ubuntu to be shared, in my case select /home/christian/myVirtualMachine

b. open the VM, and in the explorer of windows go to ``add network place'' wizard and select the shared folder, and select a letter for that unit. I used recently ``J'' instead of ``M'', also the spaces are very important). You will now see the shared folder as a network drive under My Computers. Later, you are being able to copy from-and to Ubuntu-WinXP trough these folders.

iii. Add an icon for running the VM
right-click in Applications menu of ubuntu, then add a new item (i did it under the ``System Tools'' sub-menu) with the following command: VBoxManage startvm "winXPinUbuntu". I have in the folder /home/christian/myPCdefStuff/ToSetMyUbuntu/myIconos/virtualBoxIcon a file windows_flag.png that can be used as an icon for a Windows VM.

Now, you are all set for running WinXP without the need of login out from ubuntu, not bad!.

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