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Peer-reviewed papers

If you do not have access to any of these papers, drope me an e-mail. For those papers written in Spanish, I have provided the translation of the title among [brackets] and using italics, in green color.

2021 Salas-Eljatib C, Mehtatalo L, Gregoire TG, Soto DP, Vargas-Gaete R, 2021. Growth equations in forest research: mathematical basis and model similarities. Current Forestry Reports (To appear).

2021 Salas-Eljatib C. 2021. A new algorithm for reconstructing tree height growth with stem analysis data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution (To appear).

2021 Salas-Eljatib C. 2021. An approach to quantify climate-productivity relationships: an example from a widespread Nothofagus forest. Ecological Applications 31(4): e02285.

2020 Salas-Eljatib C. 2020. Height growth–rate at a given height: a mathematical perspective for forest productivity. Ecological Modelling 431: 109198.

2020 Salas-Eljatib C, Weiskittel AR. 2020. On studying the patterns of individual-based tree mortality in natural forests: a modelling analysis. Forest Ecology and Management 475: 118369.

2020 Salas-Eljatib C, Promis A. 2020. Un llamado a la activación real de la Sociedad Chilena de Ciencias Forestales [A call to awaken the Chilean Society of Forest Science]. Bosque 41(3): 209-212.

2020 Cardil A, de-Miguel S, Silva C, Reich P, Calkin D, Brancalion P, Vibrans A,.., Piotto D, Salas-Eljatib C, Broadbent E, et al. 2020. Recent deforestation drove the spike in Amazonian fires. Environmental Research Letters 15: 121003.

2020 Vargas-Gaete R, Salas-Eljatib C, Penneckamp D, Neira Z, Diez MC, Vargas-Picón R. 2020. Estructura y regeneración de bosques de Prumnopitys andina en los Andes del sur de Chile [Structure and regeneration of Prumnopitys andina forests in the southern Andes of Chile]. Gayana Botanica 77(1): 48–58.

2020 Soto DP, Donoso PJ, González-Chang M, Vásquez-Grandón A, Salas-Eljatib C. 2020. Differential early performance of two underplanted hardwood tree species following restoration treatments in high-graded temperate rainforests. Forests 11(4): 401.

2020 Donoso P, Puettmann K, D’Amato A, Ponce D, Salas-Eljatib C, Ojeda P. 2020. Short-term effects of variable-density thinning on regeneration in hardwood-dominated temperate rainforests. Forest Ecology and Management 464: 118058.

2020 Fuentes-Ramirez A, Salas-Eljatib C, González ME, Urrutia-Estrada J, Arroyo-Vargas P, Santibañez P. 2020. Initial response of understory vegetation and tree regeneration to a mixed-severity fire in old-growth Araucaria-Nothofagus forests. Applied Vegetation Science 23(2): 210–222.

2020 Bannister JR, Travieso G, Galindo N, Acevedo M, Puettmann K,Salas-Eljatib C. 2020. Shrub influences on seedlings performance when restoring the slow-growing conifer Pilgerodendron uviferum in southern bog forests. Restoration Ecology 28(2): 396–407.

2019 Ponce DB, Donoso PJ, Salas-Eljatib C. 2019. Índice de bosque adulto: Una herramienta para evaluar estados de desarrollo de bosques nativos de tierras bajas del centro-sur de Chile [Old-growth Index: a tool to evaluate developmental stages in native forests in the lowlands of south-central Chile]. Bosque 40(2): 235–240.

2019 Steidinger BS, Crowther TW, Liang J, Van Nuland ME, Werner G, Reich P, Nabuurs G, de-Miguel S, Zhou M, Picard N, Herault B, Zhao X, Zhang C, Routh D, Peay KG, Abegg M, …, Salas-Eljatib C, et al. 2019. Climatic controls of decomposition drive the global biogeography of forest-tree symbioses. Nature 569: 404–408.

2019 Salas-Eljatib C, Corvalán P, Pino N, Donoso PJ, Soto D. 2019. Modelos de efectos mixtos de altura-diámetro para Drimys winteri en el sur (41-43 S) de Chile [Mixed-effects height-diameter models for Drimys winteri in the south (41-43 S) of Chile]. Bosque 40(1): 71–80.

2019 Vargas-Gaete R, Doussoulin, H, Smith-Ramírez C, Bravo S, Salas-Eljatib C, Andrade N, Trávníček B. 2019. Evaluation of rust pathogenicity (Phragmidium violaceum) as a biological control agent for the invasive plant Rubus ulmifolius on Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile. Australasian Plant Pathology 48(3): 201–208.

2019 Donoso PJ, Schlegel B, Salas-Eljatib C, Donoso C. 2019. Development of 26-year-old mixed forests following different regeneration cutting treatments in Andean temperate rainforests of south-central Chile. Forest Ecology and Management 432: 686–693.

2018 Salas-Eljatib C, Weiskittel AR. 2018. Evaluation of modelling strategies for assessing self-thinning behavior and carrying capacity. Ecology and Evolution 8(22): 10768–10779.

2018 Salas-Eljatib C, Fuentes-Ramirez A, Gregoire TG, Altamirano A, Yaitul V. 2018. A study on the effects of unbalanced data when fitting logistic regression models in ecology. Ecological Indicators 85: 502–508.

2018 Vargas-Gaete R, Salas-Eljatib C, Gärtner SM, Vidal OJ, Bannister JR, Pauchard A. 2018. Invasive plant species thresholds in the forests of Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile. Plant Ecology & Diversity 11(2): 205–215.

2018 Cifuentes R., Van der Zande D, Salas-Eljatib C, Farifteh J, Coppin P. 2018. A simulation study using terrestrial LiDAR point cloud data to quantify spectral variability of a broad-leaved forest canopy. Sensors 18(10): 3357

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2017 Ponce DB, Donoso PJ, Salas-Eljatib C. 2017. Differentiating structural and compositional attributes across successional stages in Chilean temperate rainforests. Forests 8(9): 329

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2017 Soto DP, Jacobs DF, Salas C, Donoso PJ, Fuentes C, Puettmann KJ. 2017. Light and nitrogen interact to influence regeneration in old-growth Nothofagus-dominated forests in south-central Chile. Forest Ecology and Management 384: 303–313.

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2013 Altamirano A, Salas C, Yaitul V, Smith-Ramírez C, Ávila A. 2013. Influencia de la heterogeneidad del paisaje en la ocurrencia de incendios forestales en Chile Central. Revista de Geografía del Norte Grande 55: 157–170.

2010 Salas C, Ene L, Gregoire TG, Næsset E, and Gobakken T. 2010. Modelling tree diameter from airborne laser scanning derived variables: a comparison of spatial statistical models. Remote Sensing of Environment 114 (6): 1277–1285.

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2005 Salas C, Nieto L, and Irisarri A. 2005. Modelos de volumen para Pinus pinaster Ait. en la comarca del Baixo Miño, Galicia, España [Volume equations for Pinus pinaster Ait. in the Baixo Miño region, Galicia, Spain]. Quebracho 12: 11–22.

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2001 Salas C. 2001. Caracterización básica del relicto de biodiversidad Rucamanque [Basic characterization of the biodiversity remnant Rucamanque]. Bosque Nativo 29: 3–9.