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In proceedings

Abstracts or extended summaries in conference proceedings

For those abstracts written in Spanish, I have provided the translation of the title among [brackets] and using underline

2013 Salas C, Gregoire T. 2013. A stochastic algorithm for reconstructing tree height growth with stem analysis data. In: Forest Biomass Conference, Book of abstracts. Jadodzinski A, Wegiel A. (Eds.), European Regional Development Fund. Mierzęcin, Poland. pp: 46.

2013 Salas C, Soto D, Donoso PJ, Yaitul V, Floody G. 2013. Simultaneous fit of biomass-component equations: statistical analysis and practical implications. In: Forest Biomass Conference, Book of abstracts. Jadodzinski A, Wegiel A. (Eds.), European Regional Development Fund. Mierzęcin, Poland. pp: 46–47.

2009 Salas C, Ene L, Gregoire TG, Næsset E, and Gobakken T. 2009. Modelling tree diameter from airborne laser scanning derived variables: a comparison of spatial statistical models. In: Proceedings of the XIII World Forestry Congress, section on “State of the forests and assessment techniques”. October 22, 2009. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 16 p.

2008 Salas C, Gregoire TG. 2008. Statistical analysis of ratio estimators with measurement error in the auxiliary variate: a forestry application. In: Summaries of the International IUFRO Conference “Linking Forest Inventory and Optimization”, Hahn et al. 2008 (Eds.), Series of Conference Papers No. 3, Center of Forestry Weihenstephan – Studienfakultat für Forstwissenschaft und Ressourcenmanagement, Technische Universität München. Freising, Germany. Pp: 21.

2006 Salort C, Ojeda N, Salas C, Herrera MA, Espinosa A., and Rebolledo R. 2006. Estimación de parametros de inventario en bosques de Araucaria, derivado de imagenes Landsat TM+. [ Araucaria forests stand variables estimation from Landsat TM+ images ]. In: Resumenes del Tercer Congreso Chileno de Ciencias Forestales [Summaries of the Third Chilean forest science congress], November 28-30, 2006. Concepción, Chile. Editorial Universidad de Concepción, Concepción, Chile. P: 217.

2005 Nieto L, Salas C, and Irisarri A. 2005. Estudio predictivo de existencias maderables. El monte gallego en el año 2010 [ Timber prediction study. The Gallego’s forest in 2010 ]. In: Actas del IV Congreso Forestal Español [Fourth Spaniard Forestry Congress]. 26-30 de Septiembre del 2005. Zaragoza, Spain.

2001 Irisarri A, Nieto L, Salas C, and Laino R. 2001. Ajuste de modelos de cubicación para Pinus pinaster Ait. en la comarca del Baixo Miño [ Volume models for Pinus pinaster Ait. in the Region of Baixo Miño ]. In: Resumenes del Tercer Congreso Forestal Español [Summaries of the Third Spaniard Forestry Congress], Granada, Spain. pp: 843-848